Thursday, October 22, 2015

Wama Arsalnaka Illa Rahmat tul lil Alamin

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  1. I was looking for the beautiful words 'Rahmatul lil alameen' on Google Images and was pleased to see this picture with the Arabic text 'Wa ma arsalnaka illa Rahmatullil alameen'.

    This picture has captured a wonderful idea. The World has been covered with the Aya Karimah stating that Muhammad SAW has been sent to the the World as a blessing for all the worlds.

    The present status of Ummah is miserable. Muslims are hit with illitracy, poverty and ignorance. The poor governance and mismanaged resources in the Muslim Ummah have resulted in an overall irrelevance of Ummah among the community of nations.

    We are supposed to play our due role in conveying the blessings of the Prophet Muhammad SAW to the Ummah. Dairy Science Park has been launched as a humble efforts in this direction and this picture has been selected as a Motto of DSP.

    Prof M Subhan Qureshi